MargieMargarita Persico is a multi-platform journalist, producer and founder of the healthy lifestyle and gluten-free food website The Healthy Dish. She currently serves as a freelance writer, blogger and editor. Persico has published for the Harvard Review Latin America, Bay State Banner, El Planeta, Tu Boston, the Health & Family magazine,, and in San José, Costa Rica, for El Residente Magazine, the Tico Times and for corporate and nonprofit organizations.

Margarita received a master’s in liberal arts, journalism. She has experience in business, public relations, recruiting and journalism. In the computer sector, she has worked for several companies among them three Fortune 100 companies. She lived in Costa Rica for several years where part of her free time she spent volunteering, freelancing, blogging and exploring the foods and organic farms of Costa Rica. There she produced a historical documentary, Voices from Seven Decades.


Bilingual writer/reporter (English/Spanish), Journalism Multi-media Producer, Public Relations, Communication, Researcher, Investigative Journalism, Software: Word, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, iDVD, iPhoto, Web Development with WordPress, Web 2.0, Social Networking, Hardware: Mac, personal computers, Content Management: WordPress, Joomla, Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Linked-In, Storify, Pinterest, etc., Photography, Short documentary film