“Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter,” Thomas Jefferson, 1787. (The Yale book of quotations By Fred R. Shapiro) By Margarita Persico Introduction As new media communicators, […]

Challenges And Opportunities For New Media Communicators

As more people hit 100, Boston is at the center of the trend by Margarita Persico Ninety-five years ago, Margaret McKenna traded piano lessons for a pair of dancing shoes. Now, at the age of 102, she still plays the piano and dances on a regular basis. “I don’t feel […]

An age-old question

by Margarita Persico The squalling snowfall on a February 2008 Sunday night didn’t deter the New England blues community from paying tribute to one of its own. Musicians, friends and fans gathered at Club 58 in Quincy for a “memorial jam” in honor of Weepin’ Willie Robinson, one of the […]

Weepin’ Willie: An Elegy for a bluesman

Nancy Carrelo with basketball player José J. Barea during Centro American games in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. Photo courtesy of Nancy Carrelo (taken by Luis) at the Best Western, Hotel Pichi’s in Guayanilla after a game against Mexico, which Barea’s team won. Today, June 30th Puerto Rico’s basketball team won the […]

CentroAmerican Games, Mayagüez 2010

By Margarita Persico, published at The Daily Tail Cambridge, MA. My brother Isaac and his wife found a shaggy white dog in their living room. They had left the door open, and she walked in as if it were her home. That was the early 1990’s in Vega Baja, Puerto […]

Mom and her dog Nilo

The Women’s Club of Costa Rica (WCCR) is celebrating a big birthday throughout the year: Seventy years of amazing women making history. I documented the Club’s history in a movie for the celebration on February 10, 2010.  Some have asked me how I made the documentary.  The answer varies depending […]

Voices from Seven Decades

by Margarita Persico They say time is the best remedy for healing all sorts of pain, and that with time we also forget the events.  I agree with the first aphorism; however, the events are always vivid in my memory.  I can replay vividly all the memories of my life—good […]


New Jersey takes us far back in our personal history—for me, 23 years, for my husband into his childhood. When my husband was 8, his parents purchased a house by Lake Neepaulin in Sussex, New Jersey, so the family could spend the summers away from Brooklyn, New York. The two […]

In loving memory of a brother and New Jersey